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"Because I had complete confidence in the high quality of dental care at Hingham Dentistry, I received a tissue graft for my receding gums yesterday. All attention was given to a painless experience for me in the chair. Dr. Ghazi and Katy worked as a seamless team ensuring I was comfortable; Katy had fitted me perfectly for a roof guard for post surgery comfort. Dr. Ghazi's instructions for post surgery care were very clear and effective; I am back in the swing, drinking my fluids and soft foods today."
                                  - Wendy L. (4/16/14)

"You are the best, thank you for taking such good care of me and my family."
                                  - Jon D. (4/16/14)

"Barbara cleaned my teeth and did an excellent job, as usual! The office is clean, and the staff is very friendly."
                                  - Anonymous (3/26/14)

"I just can't say enough good things about Hingham Dentistry. They are so professional and caring and provide the best in dental care. They are meticulous to every detail and take into account my preferences and peculiarities as they offer me dental care that is unequaled. I would never go any where else."
                                  - Thomas S. (3/25/14)

"Very friendly and professional. The staff provides helpful information and explain the entire process, minimizing any uncertainty and discomfort."

                                  - Anonymous (3/22/14)

"Dr. DeVitre is awesome. She did my filling quickly and thoroughly. My teeth feels great. Thank you."
                                  - James H. (3/20/14)

"My hygienist, Breanne, was the most proficient I have ever experienced. She also gave me INVALUABLE information about ways that I can keep my teeth and gums clean. Dr. Shahinian educated me immensely regarding my teeth and gum statuses and options available for the best maintenance. A 'top notch' dental practice!"
                                  - Wendy I. (3/14/14)

"I like coming to Hingham Dentistry because it is a very clean place, the bathroom is also immaculate. Also, Roberta, who is the hygienist, is very caring and cleans every inch of my teeth, when I leave I hate to eat because she has worked so hard."
                                  - Mary F. (1/31/14)

"Dr. Shahinian is excellent. She has such a caring manner and is so competent. Dr. Shahinian and her staff were able to professionally get all of my dental needs met very quickly and respectfully. I wouldn't see anyone else."
                                  - Thomas S. (1/28/14)

Incredible staff. Highly proficient doctors. Compassionate. Caring. Wonderful experience. I had to have a root canal and things went amazingly well."
                                  - Robbie D. (1/26/14)

"Dr. Adrina DeVitre was a pleasure. She is gentle, polite, and very competent."
                                  - Maryellen G. (12/19/13)

"Amazing care. Amazing staff. Quality work and highest level of professionalism."
                                  - George M. (12/13/13)

"As always... such a pleasure to be in the office ...from the desk to the chair to the hygienist to the dentist.. always the best. I have been to many dental offices and this is the top office ever! They offer quality dental care and the staff know you by name. I wouldn't go anywhere else!!!"

                                  - Karen H. (12/19/13)

"I always enjoy my time at Hingham Dentistry. The Staff is extremely talented, knowledgeable, and efficient. The dental staff listens well and does a terrific job. I always recommend Hingham Dentistry to my friends."
                                  - Laurie R. (12/4/13)

"Brianne always does an awesome job cleaning my teeth! Everyone is so nice and thorough. Thanks to all for making each visit such a pleasure!"
                                  - Carla P. (12/1/13)

"Even though I was a couple of minutes late, they were able to run on time and complete my exam quickly and thoroughly. They are friendly and knowledgeable. Great experience!"
                                  - Anonymous (11/7/13)

"Very impressed with her skill, communication skills, and use of technology; excellent result, no after effects. The best dentist I have seen, along with Dr. Shahinian of course!"
                                  - Emmet L. (11/6/13)

"I have been very pleased and gratified by the care I've received at Hingham Dentistry. My previous provider, to which I went for a couple of years after my longtime dentist had retired, had a somewhat pushy marketing environment that turned me off, and it was also not a full-service practice. In addition to being highly skilled with first-rate training, Dr. Shahinian and Dr. Adrina DeVitre-- including those in Endodontics and Periodontics, as well as the business staff -- have treated me with above-and-beyond care and consideration. I feel as though they have become friends, which is a rare thing in medical care."

                                  - David M. (10/28/13)

"Not surprising, Dr. Shahinian was quick, thorough and precise as I have come to expect over the many years that she has cared for my teeth."
                                  - Margaret L. (10/17/13)

"Outstanding, professional dental care. Highly skilled, gentle, experienced dentists led by Dr. Rustam DeVitre, Dr. Virginia Shahinian and their daughter, Adrina DeVitre. You become a friend in whom they are interested in and not just another patient. As for a dental hygienist, Roberta is THE best."
                                  - Donald W. (10/7/13)

"Love Roberta. She is amazing. Best teeth cleaning ever! Just recommended the office to three friends."
                                  - Anonymous (10/3/13)

"Once again, I had a great experience. Dr. Adrina DeVitre is great. She is very caring and professional just like her mom. I am very confident that she will do a wonderful job on my teeth in the future ... I am very happy with my dental office and all the staff."
                                  - Sheila C. (9/30/13)

"Dr. Adrina DeVitre was extremely competent and gentle. Appreciate you getting me an appointment so quickly!"

                                  - Gail M. (9/25/13)

"I used to dread going to the dentist. Now I actually look forward to it. It's painless and, hard to believe, always fun to reconnect with all the good people there."
                                  - Beverly B. (8/28/13)

"I give top marks to Hingham Dentistry. The entire staff is 100% professional and gives excellent, efficient dental care. I would and do recommend them to anyone looking for top notch dental services. I also appreciate that my children can be serviced there as well."
                                  - Julie C. (8/28/13)

"Highly skilled, friendly and good looking staff. Dr. Shahinian - Precious. Superb dental skills, thoughtful, attentive to detail and is a warm and generous person Dr. Devitre is a Prince. Superbly skilled and ingenious with dental reconstruction. Super attentive and generous of time. Astounding accessibility. Makes everyone feel like a personal friend. A visit to either of the two principles is always something to look forward to."
                                  - Turner B. (8/27/13)

"From the front desk staff to the dentists, Hingham Dentistry is a first rate dental office. I just brought my youngest on board and she had a anxiety-free experience with Roberta. Can't say enough good things about this practice."

                                  - Anonymous. (8/22/13)

"Professional, modern space with up to date dental technology. Had to go through a couple of dentists before I found one comparable to what I experienced in Boston."
                                  - Anonymous (8/13/13)

"Great experience! Most people dread a root canal and the follow-ups. In my case, it was painless and had none of the discomfort later when the novacaine wore off. Fitting the temporary replacement went quickly too. None of the try this, grind some more, try again, more grinding, on and on. Two tries and it was done."
                                  - Thomas O. (8/2/13)

"Always a delightful experience, even when something nasty has to be done. Plus -they keep me in touch with my mouth and they have a plan. They don't wait for something to fall apart - they're on top of it."
                                  - Anonymous (7/30/13)

"Roberta, your hygenist, is exceptional as is your entire staff!"
                                  - Edward R. (7/11/13)

"I always feel well cared for by both my hygienist and dentist. Staff treats me with a sense of professionalism and concern for my well being. Thank you for all you do."
                                  - Jonathan B. (7/10/13)

"Prompt thorough cleaning and exam by Kathy Sharp. Nice greeting by Ginger. Everyone is helpful and friendly. I was happy to see Dr. Shahinian for a review-will see her for more treatment soon. Best dental group ever."
                                  - Judith C. (7/13/13)

"As always, Roberta, was terrific in her cleaning and diagnostic skills. A pleasure to have my teeth cleaned! My appointment with Dr. DeVitre was of a more serious nature. Sleep Apnea has been a problem for me for years. I have a hard time tolerating the CPAP machine and the doctor showed me an appliance that has worked for others called TAP, I think! After watching a testimonial and asking many questions I was fitted for the appliance and I look forward to reaping the positive effects it will have. Dr. DeVitre has a calming nature and is very up to date on the specialties of his trade."
                                  - Carla M. (6/30/13)

"Great as usual. Friendly staff, outstanding dentists often involved in resolving very complicated dental situations. Best on the South Shore in my estimation. Very conservative approach."
                                  - Donald W. (6/28/13)

"Oral Surgery is not something I relish BUT Dr. Ghazi makes it as painless as possible. I recommend him to anyone needing this procedure."
                                  - Carla M. (6/5/13)

"Roberta is by far the best all around hygienist that I have ever dealt with. She is the main reason why I keep coming back to Hingham Dentistry. Her combination of professionalism and sensitivity is outstanding."
                                  - Dennis B. (6/5/13)

Dr. DeVitre and the staff at Hingham Dentistry during my last visit could not have been more accommodating and helpful. I was seen on an emergency basis, assessed and treated based on a plan that took into consideration my financial concerns and restraints. My financial concerns were respected and addressed as well as my chipped tooth. Many thanks to all of you and your efforts! My tooth looks great and I have not had any issues with pain to date."
                                  - Charles H. (6/4/13)

"Once again, I have such wonderful things to say about your practice. The quality of dentistry is the best I have received anywhere. I am included in the decision making process and everything that I need is explained openly to me. The atmosphere is one that is welcoming and the care is extended from the front desk to the dentists chair. A rare find!"
                                  - Karen H. (5/23/13)

"A visit to Hingham Dentistry is always a professional and pleasant experience. 5 stars are not enough... I rate this practice 10 stars!!!!"
                                  - Babette S. (5/20/13)

"Dr. Shahinian is an extraordinarily capable and compassionate dentist. The entire office is courteous and meticulously clean and pleasant to visit."

                                  - Anonymous (5/20/13)

"Dr. Shahinian and Dr. Devitre continue to offer the best dental care in America! I've been their patient for almost three decades.Their staff is accommodating, quick to respond to my questions and needs, and genuinely nice, wonderful, warm individuals. Having moved to NYC almost 8 years ago, I hoped to find a practice in Manhattan that would be comparable. Unfortunately I have had no success and therefore, I return as often as necessary, so that I may remain under their care. I get the very best cleanings from Roberta and Barbara. This is a very professional practice. And the office environment is beautiful and pristine."
                                  - Marjorie N. (4/11/13)

"Excellent, but I must admit I am a little bias. I do know a few people in the office. Who has fun at the dentist? I do. You sort of have to remind yourself that you are at the dentist. Everyone is so professional, yet so upbeat. Makes you feel good being there. Thanks Doc!"
                                  - Melissa D. (4/3/13)

Root canal procedures are not the most fun, but the good folks at Hingham Dentistry made it a painless as possible. I certainly recommend them for all dentistry issues."
                                  - Timothy D. (4/2/13)

I made a last minute appt for a dental emergency. They were fast, thorough and friendly. I would recommend Hingham Denistry to anyone!"
                                  - Anonymous. (3/29/13)

"BEST dental care on the South Shore!!!"
                                  - Lorraine H. (2/27/13)

VERY pleased with staff and experience. VERY!!!!! and my teeth felt and looked great. I had left another practice for multiple reasons, and am glad with this change.Thank you I actually mentioned the dentist to several people at work this work."
                                  - Anonymous. (2/27/13)

"Thanks for an early start and very thorough cleaning and polishing. Roberta brought me up to date on my technique and as usual, we had interesting topics to discuss. The staff is always pleasant and accommodating, so it takes the stress out of a "dentist appointment."

                                  - Elaine C. (2/20/13)

"Always a great experience at Hingham Dentistry. Roberta is extremely thorough and genuinely concerned about the health of my teeth. Everyone in the office is friendly and professional. The dentist is not my favorite place to be, but they always minimize my anxiety!"
                                  - Thomas W. (2/15/13)

"I am so happy that I found such an outstanding dentist! Everyone I encounter there is so friendly, efficient and caring. I needed an emergency appointment and was accomodated so well."
                                  - Linda F. (2/8/13)

"They are a great group of professionals. I wouldn't go anywhere else the fulfill all my dental needs for my entire family."
                                  - Christa O. (2/4/13)

"We had a good experience yesterday with Dr. Shahinian as usual. She extracted 2 teeth from my 8 yr old son. The procedure was quick and seamless. Both Mom and son were pleased!"
                                  - Charles D. (1/29/13)

"Despite the lengthy procedure including injections and a lot of drilling the treatment was swift, painless and gentle, with a friendly doctor and staff."

                                  - Britta N. (1/25/13)

"I have had my teeth cleaned by Roberta for close to 15 years. I find her to be thorough, professional and extremely gentle. She is a delightful person and I would recommend her as a dental hygienist."

                                  - Sally M. (1/17/13)

"I have been going to Dr. Virginia Shahinian, Kathy(her assistant) and Roberta (Hygienist) for 20 years, and wound't think of going anywhere else! I know for some people, going to the dentist is no fun. But my dread of going to the dentist ALWAYS turns into: "that wasn't so bad at all! OK, when is my next visit?" They make you feel very comfortable, you can ask any embarrassing questions you want and for some reason it doesn't hurt anymore! Dr. S is incredibly talented, the guru in her profession. She is caring and listens well, and helps you make the best decisions about your teeth. Roberta is the best hygienist. (I'm sure the others are just as good). The office is so easy to get to, and Ginger the front desk manager is wonderful. The office is impeccably clean and I love the big flat screen TVs that I get to watch while having my teeth done. I would highly recommend Hingham Dentistry to anyone and if my family lived in this area, they would all be going there."
                                  - Elizabeth M. (11/28/12)

"To Dr. DeVitre (& his pleasant assistant, and the compassionate Receptionist), THANK YOU for cementing my crown back in yesterday!!! I truly appreciate you fitting me into your busy schedule. Again, many thanks."

                                  - Lorraine H. (11/17/12)

"Barbara did an excellent job! She is thorough, painless and very pleasant to deal with. I feel like I leave there with new teeth after her cleanings!!"

                                  - Nancy M. (11/6/12)

"We moved from Seattle about 2 years ago and found Hingham Dentistry. We couldn't be more happier with the service! The dental hygienists are top notch especially Breanne! The entire staff is there to serve and help you. Ginger at the front is always calm and helpful and understands the demands of a busy family and will work around schedules. I have 3 kids, one in braces and the other on his way and Hingham Dentistry is the best! Dr. Donnelly uses a very conservative approach and customizes his treatment plan per kid, which is how it should be. We are so happy to have found Hingham Dentistry!"
                                  - Cherie L. (10/25/12)

"Hingham Dentistry is the only dental office that I will ever go to. I have been going here for over 6 years, and every single person is smiling, kind and professional. The procedures are pain free and gentle, from tiny fillings to root canals. I am never nervous while sitting in their chairs and I'm always in and out promptly."
                                  - Laurie R. (10/23/12)

"A Dental Office that goes the extra mile to make your experience a pleasant one! If you have insurance this is! It is not cheap but worth every cent invested in my dental plan :) !"
                                  - Patricia A. (10/16/12)

"I always feel so good leaving your office... Imagine that... most people think dentist and run in the opposite direction! The care is top notch. The staff is always lending a kind ear. The work is always in the best interest of the patient and the quality is number one. Once again I thank you for all you do!"
                                  - Karen H. (10/14/12)

"Everyone at Hingham Dentistry has treated me kindly and professionally. Most importantly the serious work on my teeth by Dr. Shahinian, Dr. Ghazi, Dr. Batsevitsky and others has been excellently done. Thank You."

                                  - Elliot P. (9/27/12)

"I avoided the dentist for years because I was terrified of someone drilling my teeth. But it's been great and pain-free I wish I hadn't waited so long."
                                  - Kenneth C. (9/25/12)

"I had broken a tooth on a Thursday night and i'm a Boston patient so there are no Friday office hours. I was able to be squeezed in at the Hingham office, and taken care of. Dr.DeVitre is a wonderful, highly skilled dentist that really cares about his patients. I can't say enough kind words about him and his staff."
                                  - Anonymous (9/23/12)

"Once again my cleaning experience at Hingham Dentistry was excellent. They were on time with my appointment, the cleaning was thorough, and Roberta my hygienist was great!"
                                  - James M. (9/11/12)

"Dr. Shahinian and her staff are always pleasant and efficient. Regardless if the procedure is small or more involved, they provide sensitive, quality dental care consistently. And the chairs are so comfortable!"
                                  - Elaine C. (8/31/12)

"The staff at Hingham Dentistry are above excellent. Everyone is friendly and professional. The dental work is top-notch and all procedures are very compassionate. I would not go anywhere else."
                                  - Laurie R. (8/1/12)

"As always, my experience at Hingham Dentistry was nothing but the best. The staff are professional, informative, and kind. I love that I rarely have to wait to be seen and if there is a wait, it's not very long."
                                  - Marissa H. (7/27/12)

"My clinician, Breanne was LOVELY...very sensitive to the fact that I had just had surgery. Everyone was great. Love the chair massage and TV...almost fell asleep."
                                  - Judy I. (6/23/12)

"Efficient, pleasant technician, offered advice but no preaching, which is greatly appreciated."
                                  - Carol T. (6/22/12)

"I went to the dentist the other day for a root canal. Needless to say, I was full of anxiety. I really don't know why because I have had a root canal before. But, I have to let you know, it went really well. As I entered the room I let the dentist know how nervous I was and she stated to me that I should not worry. They were so so patient with me throughout the whole procedure. I have to say it was one of my best days at the dentist. I know, you are probably saying to yourself, "best day at the dentist, what are you crazy" but it was. I would like to extend my gratitude to the dentist and her team. It was very nice and easy and pain free."
                                  - Stacy M. (6/21/12)

"Barbara is the consummate professional. Not only doing a great job cleaning my teeth but providing helpful tips about how to clean my teeth better. Great person!"
                                  - Eric O. (6/14/12)

"I have been a patient of Hingham Dentistry for over 4 years and I have been impressed with the professionalism and cheerful attitude of the staff and Dentists. I would not hesitate to recommend Hingham Dentistry!"
                                  - Jack B. (6/7/12)

"I really love going to the dentist. I NEVER thought I would say that. Hingham Dentistry has changed my experience of the dentist - I avoided taking care of my teeth for years due to a real phobia of the dentist. Dr. Shahanian's kind and caring demeanor helped me tremendously to let go of my fear, and I have never experienced any pain in any procedure I have had, including several root canals! My previous dentist whose office resides just up the street never even made eye contact and the experience was cold. I felt like I was simply a patient number funding someone's lifestyle. And so now I enjoy the relaxed but professional atmosphere at Hingham Dentistry and the staff is amazing and friendly. How many businesses can you say that you are happy to spend your money there and that you truly hope they all succeed?! I feel that way about Hingham Dentistry! Every person who works in this office is terrific. And Dr. Shahanian is a beautiful person. I am forever grateful."
                                  - Karen C. (6/7/12)

"Barbara is the hygienist and is the best!!! She is so nice and great at her job!!"

                                  - Sally B. (5/30/12)

"I  think Hingham Dentistry is very professional. I am comfortable with having work done here."
                                  - Laura R. (5/9/12)

"My family wouldn't go anywhere else. All of the hygenists are so thorough and so kind and I'm always greeted with a friendly smile."
                                  - Nancy T. (5/3/12)