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Zuffante Assistant


After spending eight years as a florist, Katie Zuffante found herself wanting to make a career change. One thing she loved about her work was that flowers made people happy, but she wanted to do something with more personal interactions, where she could take care of people. A friend had just finished dental assistant training, and after hearing about her positive experience with it, Katie decided it would be a great option for her too.

Today, she helps make people smile in a different way as a dental assistant at Hingham Dentistry. Since joining the team in 2012, Katie has enjoyed being surrounded by the wonderful people she works with and cares for.

She loves that dentistry brings new challenges and opportunities to learn every day. She is proud to be able to help someone feel better when they are experiencing discomfort or feeling anxious, and she finds great fulfillment in knowing that her work has made a difference in a patient’s life.

Katie lives with her son in Quincy, MA (where she was born and raised). She likes to spend her days off reading or hiking with her family.



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